• power transmission belts
  • timing belts, v belts, wedge belts
  • conveyors, flat belts, pulleys
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Mitsuboshi : Range of timing belts, polymax, vee and wedge belts , and variable speed belts ( Japan)

Gates : Range of industrial timing belts and power transmission products ( USA , Japan)

Contitech : Range of timing belts
( Germany)

Hutchinson : Polyvee belts ( France)

Nitta : conveyors and flat belts

Megadyne : Pu timing belts and open rolls for Automation

Montflex : Range of Open roll and jointed belts in Pu Manufacturers of Timing Pulley and Vee belt Pulleys

Kureha Rubber Roller Covering

Manufacturers of Coated belts ( for packagaing industries ) Any type of linatex / pu / rough coating on Timing belts/ conveyor belts. flat belts).

Goodyear : Eagle PD belts ( USA)

Montflex : PU round polyurethane cords ( rough and smooth)

Manufacturers of Catterpillar / take up belts

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About Montana International

Montana International (Estd 1988) is a leading company specialising in the field of high quality power transmission belts such as timing belts, v belts, wedge belts, conveyors, flat belts, pulleys. We are catering to a wide range of industries such as textiles, glass, cement, ceramics, mining, pharmaceutical, agriculture, automation, engineering and power industries.